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Growing Space by Lesley Acton

Growing Space by Lesley ActonWhen sent books to review they can sometime be a chore to read, but Growing Space was a complete joy. A fascinating book that delves into the social history of the allotment movement.

Clearly a very inteligent conservationist, Lesley writes with a passion that permeates the whole book. If you are interested in how allotments have developed, the social influences behind allotments, the grow your own movement, and the struggles that are faced with in the allotment movement; then this is the book for you.

Some of the images within the book are fascinating, showing how important growing your own was during the Second World War and post-war Britain. The final Future Growth chapter is very insightful and offers an interesting perspective on the future development of allotments.

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Amazon Reviews of Growing Space:

“I have followed Lesley Acton’s blog and website for some years and have researched the history of allotments in my own town so I was looking forward to this book.

Growing Space is packed with new insights into the history of allotments in the twentieth century. It includes examples from all over the UK to illustrate key milestones in this history. In the Introduction, the author points out how local experiences varied enormously and are key to understanding the story. As well as the differences, I found it interesting to read about similarities with allotments in my area.

Some chapters are real page-turners, for example dealing with the sell-off of allotment land by councils and other landowners. Throughout, the author has, for me, created a good feel for the mood of the times. A nicely chosen selection of images, photographs and statistics are sprinkled throughout the boo.

A really good read if you are interested in allotments and food growing.”

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