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Allotment Folk by Chris Opperman

Allotment Folk Front CoverA very interesting little book about the community of allotments as well as the growing of vegetables and fruit. Heavy on photographs and rather witty too, more of a “fun” read than a serious book. Great for having a quick look over whilst enjoying a cuppa down on the plot.

Featuring everything from oversized marrows and dye plants to pampered rabbits and bees to allotments as performance art, along with the amazing and usually eccentric people behind them, this book is a humourous celebration of the diversity, industry and comedy that pervades the modern allotment community.

This book is currently out of print, but through Amazon you can pick up both new and second hand copies for as little as a penny plus postage.

Amazon Reviews of Allotment Folk:

As one Amazon reviewer said “I would not have thought it possible to write a book on “allotmenteers” that would would appeal to anyone who does not have an allotment, but Chris Opperman has bought the subject to life with his witty and observant writing on these folk. This is a book to be dipped into a little at a time.
Highly recommended as an insight into the quirks of human nature.”

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