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White Gem Parsnip Seeds


Popular gardener’s variety with wedge-shaped roots and considerable resistance to canker. Smooth white skin and flesh make White Gem a kitchen favourite too.

800 Seeds per Packet 99p


This is a good wedge-shaped parsnip variety, medium sized roots when compared to our favourite Tender & True which suits them for shallower soils. Good resistance to canker.

Strong flavoured tastes exceptionally good roasted with no need to salt – a splash of honey or maple syrup will sweeten them up even more, with good texture and skin quality.

Parsnip Germination Notes & Tip

Parsnips are noted for being difficult to germinate, although once they get going they require little in the way of care.

Firstly, you cannot use old parsnip seeds. Always use fresh seed each year.

Parsnips are often sown too early in the year. They need a minimum temperature of 12ºC to germinate reliably. Ideally direct sow them outdoors in March, April and May when the soil is warm and manageable. Enhance the germination process by utilizing cloches, which help maintain a higher soil temperature during colder days. Avoid sowing White Gem Parsnip seeds in cold or wet soil, as this may hinder proper germination and could lead to potential rotting issues.

Super Parsnip Tip

Make some paper pots or use biodegradable pots, fill with multi-purpose compost and shallowly sow 3 seeds per pot. Keep at 18ºC or above for 7 days and then plant out the pots in rows 30cm apart with 15cm between plants. Alternatively 20cm apart each way.

Seedlings should appear quite quickly depending on the weather. Thin to one seedling per pot.

More on growing parsnips here


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