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Graffiti F1 Cauliflower Seeds


The cauliflower is an extraordinary purple colour,  that remains vibrant when steamed, although it fades a little with boiling. The quality of the curds is exceptional, matching the top white cauliflower varieties. The flavour is also outstanding; growing this particular variety is essential to truly appreciate its exceptional taste.

10 Seeds per Packet £2.99

18 in stock

A striking cauliflower to grow.  a deep purple that only intensifies with more light. This cauliflower looks great in the garden or on the plate (yes, it keeps it colour when cooked although with roasting it ends up a blue/purple colour)

Tight large heads, can cope very well with the heat so summer harvests are ideal.  Sow February to May for a crop from July to September (80 days)

RHS Award of Garden Merit winning cauliflower.

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