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Cobra French Climbing Bean


Never failed me yet, Cobra produces a fantastic crop over a long period. Excellent flavour fresh and they freeze well too

75 Seeds per packet 99p

Out of stock

Cobra stands out as one of the most dependable French climbing beans—a swift-growing pole bean that yields an abundance of delectable, stringless green pods. The vines reach a height of approximately 180cm (6ft) and commence production well ahead of most other varieties.

Noteworthy for its disease resistance (BCMV race 1), captivating appearance, and prolific yield, Cobra is a true delight. Enjoy the pods raw or lightly cooked, and they preserve exceptionally well through bottling or freezing—essential, considering the generous harvest. Optimal flavour is achieved when picked young, and continuous harvesting ensures a prolonged supply.

This remarkable variety holds the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden Merit Award, underscoring its outstanding qualities.

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