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Cauliflower All Year Round Seeds


All Year Round stands as a reliable and enduring heritage variety. Featuring large heads with solid white curds embraced by dark green leaves. For optimal growth, sow seeds in October within a cold frame, transplant in March, and harvest in June. Alternatively, sow from February to April, leading to a harvest from late June to September. As the name suggests all year round, this cauliflower can be sown and grown all year round.

200 seeds per packet 99p

This cauliflower variety is exceptionally dependable for both sowing and growing. While traditional guidelines recommend sowing in October within a cold frame, transplanting in March, and harvesting in June, you can confidently deviate from these norms. Feel free to sow this cauliflower all year round, although germination may take a bit longer during the lower light levels of winter—it’s not impossible. Expect a harvest in approximately 70-90 days from germination.

Throughout the year, this cauliflower yields dark leaves and large, tightly packed curds (cauliflower head). The densely packed head is particularly ideal for making delicious cauliflower cheese in our opinion!

In the UK, cauliflowers typically reach harvest readiness within 75-90 days from germination. To expedite this process, consider sowing and growing cauliflowers in a greenhouse or polytunnel or under cloche.

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