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Starting with Pigs by Andy Case

Starting with PigsA straightforward and readable book for the small scale pig keeper, this is an excellent and practical introduction that is also up-to-date with the relevant regulations.

Concentrating on the older, more traditional breeds, it covers housing and free-range management, feeding, breeding and rearing, buying and selling.

Written for those new to pigs, this book provides a good, sensible introduction to the subject. It looks at all aspects of practical management and handling, including housing, choosing breeds and stock, breeding, farrowing and health.

Experienced pig-keepers will also benefit from reading the book, not only as a reminder of the rules and regulations that apply, but also for the wealth of practical tips.

Available both new and used from Amazon often for as little as a penny plus postage.

Amazon Reviews of Starting with Pigs:

I’ve read at least 10 pig books in the past couple of years, but this gets my vote as the best one for the small-scale pig keeper. Covers everything you need to know (including what to do if you have to raise piglets without the mother’s help, something a surprising number of books ignore) without going into too much mind-boggling detail.

There are a lot of great pig books out there, but most of them are aimed at pig farms. This is more geared towards the smallholder, pet pig owner or hobbyist. And isn’t the pig on the front cover just great?!”

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