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Goat Health and Welfare: A Veterinary Guide by David Harwood

Goat Health and WelfareGoats are fairly adaptable creatures in the wild but, if kept as pets, or commercially farmed, they rely on their owners not only for food, but also for protection from diseases, injury and predators. As the title of the book suggests, goat health and welfare are closely linked and it is a truism that a fit and healthy goat is a happy and productive goat.

A comprehensive and non-technical book covering the following:

  • General goat health, welfare, behaviour and related management issues
  • Principal diseases and abnormalities affecting goats considers their causes, main diagnostic signs, treatment and prevention
  • Being able to recognize abnormal behaviour as an early indicator of ill-health
  • The importance of goat keepers establishing good working relationships with their vets
  • Poisoning and diseases that can be transmitted between goats and man

Available both new and used from Amazon.

Amazon Reviews of Goat Health and Welfare: A Veterinary Guide:

“This book is a must-have for goat herders. Easy to use, but technical enough to answer questions. I always like to have a few books about a subject (and do have more books about goats), but – were I only allowed one – this is the best.”

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