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Wheelers Imperial Cabbage Seeds


One of my favourite cabbages, easy to grow and produces lovely conical heads that taste as good as they look. Grow for spring greens, an early hearted cabbage or an autumn cabbage

200 Seeds per packet 99p

Recognized as the “sweet heart cabbage,” Wheeler’s Imperial is an English heritage cultivar that stands out as a top choice for overwintering. Developed by George Wheeler of Warminster in Wiltshire around 1844, this cabbage thrives in colder conditions and offers the option of harvesting in February as “spring greens” or as fully formed hearts from April onward. The hearts exhibit a pleasing combination of compactness and firmness, remaining tender and boasting a delightful flavour.

Sow March through May to harvest September and October. Alternatively, sow July and August to overwinter giving ‘spring greens’ in February and March with headed cabbages in April and May.

Truly, a great cabbage that has stood the test of time.

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