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Sprite Dwarf French Bean Seeds


Dwarf French Bean “Sprite” yields an abundance of dark green, straight, pencil-podded beans that are stringless and exceptionally prolific. This bean variety is especially well-suited for freezing due to its outstanding characteristics.

75 Seeds per packet 99p

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Sprite French beans represent a sophisticated type of compact bean cultivated in continental Europe. These beans boast sleek, slender, dark green pods, approximately 15cm in length. As a dwarf variety, the plants exhibit a neat and bushy growth habit, eliminating the need for additional support unlike runner beans. Notably, Sprite French beans are devoid of strings, exceptionally tender, and acclaimed for their exquisite flavour.

The plants yield an abundance of long, straight pods, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a container bean that can be easily preserved by freezing. Growing Sprite is remarkably simple; once germinated, they require minimal attention. Similar to other legumes, Sprite French beans enrich the soil by contributing nitrogen. Furthermore, they exhibit a robust resilience to dry conditions, surpassing the tolerance of many other bean varieties.

Royal Horticultural Society  Award of Garden Merit

Sow March through June for a harvest from July through September

How to grow French Beans


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