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Marvel Of Four Seasons Lettuce Seeds


Marvel of Four Seasons is a French butterhead lettuce renowned for its year-round harvest capability. This exceptional heritage variety is not only visually appealing but also great crisp texture, slow to bolt.

500 Seeds per packet £1.25

I first came across this variety in France, in a friend’s garden where she had a potager. Decorative and as I found out at dinner, a crisp texture with an interesting flavour. We returned from our holiday with three packets of Merville de Quatre Saison. Some years passed before I realised it could be bought in the UK.

If you’ve not grown this before, strongly recommend you discover for yourself why this heritage variety (1885) is still so popular in France

Distinguished by its slow bolting and tolerance to low temperatures, Marvel of Four Seasons is well-suited for an extended growing season. The solid green head is adorned with hints of red, bronze, and burgundy, and in cooler spring and autumn climates, these hues intensify, adding to its captivating beauty.

Sow and harvest all year round, depending on local weather.

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