Karmazyn Broad Beans


The Karmazyn broad bean is an unusual, pink-seeded gourmet bean. They were popular in Eastern Europe because of their superior flavour, compact size and high yields. These gourmet beans are now becoming sought for in Britain as well. If you’re looking for something different and unusual, these are the beans for you!

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Karmazyn Broad BeansKarmazyn broad beans are a delightful variety of heritage broad beans that have been improved over time. Their distinguishing feature is the attractive rose or pink hue of the beans, which adds visual appeal to any dish.

Beyond their looks, these beans are prized for their delightful nutty flavour, making them a favourite among many gardeners and cooks. Certainly Val’s favourite broad bean. When preparing Karmazyn broad beans, she recommends lightly steaming to preserve their colour and texture. Overcooking should be avoided as it can cause the vibrant colour of the beans to fade.

Karmazyn broad beans freeze well, too. Just blanch for 3 minutes prior to freezing down so the summer harvest will feed you through the winter and beyond.

One of the notable characteristics of Karmazyn broad beans is the compact yet robust nature of the plants. Despite their relatively small size, these plants are prolific producers, yielding a surprisingly bountiful crop. This makes them an excellent choice for gardeners with limited space or those looking to maximize their yield from a small garden plot.

Each pod typically contains 3-4 beans, allowing for efficient harvesting.

Overall, Karmazyn broad beans are a versatile and flavourful addition to any garden or kitchen. Whether enjoyed fresh from the garden, frozen or incorporated into a variety of dishes, these beans are sure to delight with their unique appearance and delicious taste.


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