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Golden Acre Cabbage Seeds


A rapidly developing, space-efficient cabbage variety ideal for crafting excellent coleslaw and sauerkraut as well as wraps. Well-suited for smaller gardens with limited space, it matures exceptionally early.

500 Seeds per packet 99p

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A vintage heirloom type yielding tight, grey-green heads weighing 3-5 lbs. References to this variety can be traced back to seed catalogues as early as 1927, where it is lauded with praise: “This Danish variety is highly praised by all who have grown it.” Serving as a first-early cabbage, it exhibits rapid growth, limiting the opportunity for slugs and other pests to establish. Additionally, its compact growth makes it the preferred cabbage for space-restricted gardens.

Its fresh taste is delightful, featuring delicious butter undertones, while its cooked form offers a sweet, spicy flavour.

Sow February through March to harvest June through August. Golden Acre has a fault in that it doesn’t store well but successional sowing will resolve that.

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