Dior Dwarf French Bean Seeds


A superior dwarf wax bean characterized by a robust frame and upright growth pattern. The beans are elevated above the ground, sheltered by a leafy canopy for added protection. Featuring consistently shaped yellow pods measuring around 12-14cm x 8-9mm, this variety is known for its uniformity. The compact plant structure makes it particularly well-suited for cultivation in containers.

75 Seeds per packet 99p

Dwarf French Bean Dior is a tidy and compact plant known for yielding numerous delightful, crisp, and crunchy mid-yellow round pods per plant. The French Beans boast dimensions of 13cm in length by 0.8cm in width. Supported by an upright and robust structure, the beans are kept off the ground on this plant, which stands at around 40cm in height and requires minimal staking.

Dwarf French Bean Dior thrives in a pot and demonstrates robust outdoor growth with minimal challenges.

Royal Horticultural Society  Award of Garden Merit

Sow March through June for a harvest from July through September

How to grow French Beans


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