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Patio Produce by Paul Peacock

Patio Produce by Paul PeacockI quite liked this book. Some of the ideas are a bit of a push and some of the crops he suggests growing in containers plain daft, but overall this is well worth having.

There’s a logical construction about the book that enables you dip in to retrieve bits of information, which is good as there’s a lot to take in at one sitting.

If limited on space and wanting to expand beyond the usual herbs, salad vegetables, and tomatoes this book is worth buying; but it is also good for those just looking to maximise their growing space down on the plot or in a larger back garden.

Strongly recommended. Paul Peacock is Editor of Home Farmer Magazine, has written extensively for the Gardening Press and is a prolific author of books on gardening and self sufficiency. A botanist by education, Paul has a guiding principle in mind for all his writing: people are at their best when in the garden. He and his wife Diana practise self-sufficiency in Manchester – which goes to show that you don’t need land to live the good life.

Available both new and second hand from Amazon.

Amazon Reviews of Patio Produce:

“Smashing book for someone like me with too little time and space to be completely self sufficient. Widened the selection of produce that I can grow in pots – can’t wait to start in spring! Very handy to dip into and lots of useful information. Also bought a copy for my father who agrees that its a useful book. Recommended.”

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