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Victorian Farm

Victorian FarmNearly, and it is nearly, as good as the Victorian Garden Collection this covers a year of a small Victorian farm being run as an experiment in 2008.

It opens your eyes somewhat to how life was in rural Britain although I don’t think it quite gets over how tough things were. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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Amazon Reviews of Victorian Farm:

I can only agree with the previous reviews. This is television at its very best and I am eagerly awaiting the DVD so that I can enjoy the programmes again. Ruth, Alex and “Fonz” bring such enthusiasm and expertise to the project but maintain a warmth and sensitivity that are often missing from other “experts” used in history programmes.

Incidentally, in an email contact with Ruth Goodman, she informed me that, although the team are not permitted to live in the farmhouse itself – health and safety rules gone mad again! – they are staying in the old manor house in apartments that have changed little since Victorian times – no heating, hard beds and few home comforts! Braver than many so-called celebs!

If you haven’t seen the earlier series – “Tales from the Green Valley” – then that is another delight that awaits you! This is what television was created for!”

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