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The Allotment Planner by Matthew Appleby

Allotment PlannerI must admit to liking this book but not really being sure why. It stands out from the crowd, being a hardback for starters.

It’s broken into months with a few pages to jot your own diary notes, but in this space there are gardening quotes, which has a charm. The book is subtitled 200 ways to enjoy your plot and it does give a remarkable number of suggestions. Some are very sensible and some I think are just plain daft. But, even the daft ones raise a smile and set you to thinking.

It strikes me as a great book to give to an allotmenteer – it’s quirky charm means you won’t go wrong. It’s not a book to sit and read from cover to cover, it’s a book to dip into – especially a month at a time.

Perhaps the reason I liked it is that it is fun. There’s a lightness and a sense of joy. So, confused as I am to why, I’d recommend this as a gift – and there’s no reason not to give yourself a present from time to time, is there?

This book can be bought both new and used via Amazon.

Amazon Reviews of The Allotment Planner:

Appleby’s allotment book combines being beautiful and useful very successfully. A great Xmas gift for anyone who has an allotment or is thinking of getting one. The book is very thoughtfully laid out – its clear that Appleby is an expert in this field. The literary quotes bring an intellectual dimension to gardening so readers can feed the brain and the family at the same time.”

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