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Orinoco Dwarf French Bean Seeds


Orinoco stands out as the most stunning golden yellow wax bean. The pods reach a length of approximately 13 cm and can be employed either whole or sliced for a finely cut bean.

75 Seeds per packet 99p

With its attractive flowers that draw in pollinators and the visually appealing, delectable pods, why not incorporate Orinoco in your pots? It makes for an edible border or an attractive addition to your garden borders.

Their golden colour makes them easy to find and their dwarf habit makes them perfect for growing in containers of any kind. (No support needed.) Additionally, they do well in heavy soils and are resistant to the Bean Common Mosaic Virus, Anthracnose and Halo Blight.

Delicious lightly steamed and especially delightful in winter casseroles.

Sow March through June for a harvest from July through September and into October

How to grow French Beans


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