Marketmore Seeds


Marketmore are ideal for snacking, dipping, and inclusion in summer salads, these cucumbers can be enjoyed when small or allowed to fully develop into large, elongated varieties.

10 Seeds per packet £0.99

Cucumber Marketmore is a reliable and prolific ridge cucumber, known for its open-pollinated nature and the ability to yield a bountiful harvest of dark green, cylindrical fruits starting from July. It is particularly well-suited for growing outdoors.

Cultivation Tip

Once you observe the emergence of tiny cucumbers on the plant, consider watering it with a tomato feed on a weekly basis. This results in larger fruit. When the cucumber plant develops 7 true leaves (excluding the initial 2 upon sprouting), trim off the growing tip. This encourages the production of more side shoots, ultimately leading to increased fruit production.

Characterized by a crisp outer skin and a sweet, juicy center, this outdoor cucumber exhibits early cropping and continues to produce over an extended period. It’s important to avoid planting this cucumber near other varieties, as cross-pollination may occur, resulting in a bitter taste in the fruit.

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