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Little Gem Lettuce Seeds


Perfect for couples or small families, the quality heritage cos lettuce, still popular 140 years after its introduction! Easy to grow.

500 Seeds per packet 99p

Dating back to 1880, Little Gem provides a great small cos lettuce with a sweet tasting leaf. Also known as Sucrine  or Sugar Cos in its early days for that flavour.

No wonder Little Gem has the Royal Horticultural Society’s prestigious Award of Garden Merit.

Little Gem lettuce is highly prized for being fast to mature (65 – 70 days), compact and tight conformation. It is particularly well-suited for small gardens or even patio growing. I often plant out some Little Gem late August and through September in the greenhouse border between the tomatoes for a crop through to December.

This variety yields crisp and sweet hearts, offering a delightful addition to your harvest. Notably, Little Gem showcases resistance to root aphids, promoting a healthy and abundant crop. Its adaptability to growth under cloches and in open, sunny locations further contributes to its popularity among gardeners.

Sow March through July to harvest May through October.

Harvest leaving the roots attached and put into a a vase or basin in a cool windowsill. The lettuce will keep as fresh as if just picked.

More information: How to Grow Lettuces


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