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Hunter Climbing French Bean Seeds


The Climbing French Bean seeds “Hunter” give rise to vibrant green, flat-podded, and stringless beans, making them perfect for cultivation under glass or in polytunnels, as well as maincrops outdoors. This variety proves to be exceptionally prolific, thriving in both outdoor and indoor settings over a long period.

50 Seeds per packet 99p

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Hunter French beans offer a unique blend of robust harvest reminiscent of Runner beans and the tender, reliable qualities of traditional French Beans, making them a popular choice in many British gardens. The bright green beans, boasting white seeds, are nearly stringless and reach a length of approximately 12 inches (25 cm). Whether cultivated under protection or outdoors, these plants thrive and can be effectively interplanted with peas and runner beans.

Similar to other French beans, Hunter beans freeze well and are suitable for drying, serving as excellent haricot beans. Additionally, their versatile flavour is enjoyable both raw and cooked.

Given their climbing nature, it’s essential to provide Hunter French beans with adequate support such as a trellis or canes.

This remarkable variety holds the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden Merit Award, underscoring its outstanding qualities.

How to grow French Beans


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