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Amethyst Dwarf French Bean Seeds


One of the best tasting purple French beans, Amethyst is beautiful enough for a flower garden, yet delicious in the kitchen.

75 Seeds per packet 99p

Amethyst, a petite and compact bean, features slender pods that extend up to 15cm (6″) in length. It offers a plentiful supply of purple, stringless beans throughout an extended harvesting period. Whether enjoyed raw or cooked, this variety exhibits a seemingly endless production.

As a dwarf or bush bean, Amethyst thrives in both container gardens and raised beds. With its charming mauve flowers and amethyst-coloured pods, it possesses an inherent beauty suitable for ornamental purposes.

Similar to all French beans, Amethyst also freezes exceptionally well.

Sow March through June for a harvest from July through September and into October

How to grow French Beans


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