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Self sufficiency and smallholding is enjoying a resurgence in the UK and Europe as people look for the good life. A natural extension of growing your own food is keeping livestock and alternative energy production. Before you know it, you're living the good life!

Agrisellex UK

Internet outlet supplying Animal Health and Electric Fencing products for Small holdings and Equestrian market.

Down the Lane

A personal experience in career downshifting including poultry keeping, frugal living, garden farming, dowsing. The quest for self sufficiency and a better way of life

First Pasture

First Pasture is a specialist smallholding and farming bookstore

Frugal Living Tips

Frugal Living Tips on how to lead a less wasteful lifestyle without debt, and still to be able to enjoy all the good things that life has to offer.

Kilner Jar Supplies

Supplies of new seals and lids for Kilner Jars. Complete Kilner Jars for sale

Land House Farm

Land House Farm is the easiest to use, mobile friendly, site for searching properties with land. Including rural houses, farms, smallholdings, crofts, equestrian or just land FOR SALE or RENT. FREE to advertise your property. No fees or Commission.

Low Cost Living

Living a frugal, greener life that saves money as well as the planet. Practical and realistic help and advice for those who want to live a better life and be free from the commercial world, to some degree at least!

Low Cost Living - Self Sufficiency

Being self sufficient is in great part about being frugal. Waste not, want not and re-use and recycle. This site is all about that. Saving money and saving carbon.

Low Impact Living Initiative

Low Impact Living Initiative (LILI) is a non-profit organisation seeking to reduce people's impact on the environment.

NatSol Compost Toilets

Composting toilets for remote sites. No water, no power, no smells, no chemicals, no fuss. Developed for the UK climate; does not rely on evaporation of urine.

Home of the UK permaculture network and the Permaculture Association (Britain). Find permaculture resources, join the Permaculture Association, contribute a permaculture resource

Preserve Shop - Jam Jars

Preserve Shop is the leading UK retailer of jam jars, jam making equipment and other home preserving supplies. Whether you've just started home preserving and need a jam making kit, or need to top up your stocks of glass jars and labels, we have it all.


Rainwater Harvesting equipment including tanks, pumps, filters, pipes and fittings for sale online with full technical support

Sector39 Permaculture Design

Sector39 Permaculture design partnership. Courses, tuition, design support and implementation. Regenerative design for an abundant, sustainable world

The Downshifter

Thinking of escaping the rat race or already have and finding it tough going ? This site looks at the ups, the downs with many ideas on self reliance, frugality and earning a bit extra when you need it. Fascinating and well worth a visit. Downshift!

The Smallholder Series

Our programmes and website provides information and guidance for smallholders, livestock owners and anyone interested in country living and 'the good life'.

Viable Self Sufficiency

Practical down to earth advice for the self supporter from TY'N-Y-MYNYDD farm. Offers advice on setting up sustainable integrated farm systems suitable for smallholders. Really well worth a visit.

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