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Help and advice of use to the allotment holder and gardener. Dont' forget that if you ask 3 gardeners a question, you will most likely get four answers! Especially when the topic is to do with growing your own vegetables, fruit or herbs. There's often more than one way to get the same result.

Even if you don't agree, it's interesting to see what others advise.

Fine Gardening

Incredible landscaping ideas online for your home and garden. Fine gardening tips, design and other resources.

Garden DIY

Garden DIY offer advice on a variety of general gardening topics, from greenhouse growing techniques to small garden design ideas.

Garden Fine

General gardening site, information on garden and lawn care etc as well as help and tips on everything from fertilisers to garden design

Gardening Channel

Your home for gardening tips, advice and discussion. Offering a wealth of useful gardening advice, this site is well worth checking out!

Gardening in Spain

Up-to-date, practical advice by Clodagh and Dick Handscombe who are active and experienced gardeners living and growing in Spain. As well as writing newspaper and magazine articles, they have a number of books on gardening in Spain . A personal favourite!

Mr Tomato King

All you need to know about growing great tomatoes.

Royal Horticultural Society

Need to know the difference between your cynara cardunculus and your cynara scolymus? Look no further. You have access to a huge database of horticultural information here: fruit and vegetables as well as flowers.

Specific Types of Gardening A directory of editor-written reviews of useful, non-commercial resources on specific gardening types and locations, including UK but seems US based

The Garderners Almanac

The place to find out what to do in your garden or allotment this week.

The Seed Site

A website devoted entirely to seeds! About seeds - collecting seeds, storing seeds, sowing seeds, germinating seeds and exchanging seeds, with pictures of seeds, seedpods and seedlings.


Wonder what that weed is? Identify it at this site and find out more about your enemy, the weed.

World Carrot Museum

Everything you ever wanted to know about carrots and more! - History, Cultivation, Varieties, Colours, Nutrition, Trivia and Recipes. This is a really brilliant site you have to visit - John

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