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Avoid Spreading Clubroot – Planting Early in Spring

Two tips to help all gardeners sent in by readers.  Clubroot is an awful problem with no cure and we’re often asked when it’s OK to start planting. We’ve not tried all the tips in this section – so if you try a tip, let us know how you got on in the comments box below.

clubrootWe’re always happy to get comments, tips and even full articles for the site from gardeners: just contact me or pop your tip in on the comments box below.

Avoid Spreading Clubroot

We all know that lime helps prevent the dreaded clubroot, but not everyone knows that weeds like Shepard’s Purse and flowers like Stocks and Wall flowers are highly susceptible to this nasty infection.

So clear your plot of these plants and weeds on sight

One reason clubroot stays in the ground for so long, even if you don’t grow brassicas, is that the problem affects all members of the crucifer family. Aggressive weed control will certainly help.

Don’t forget that the humble radish is a brassica. If harvested properly when ready then they do not cause a problem but if they bolt, pull them up before they act as a reservoir for clubroot.

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Planting Early in Spring

When spring arrives we are all champing at the bit to get some seeds in. We all know not to plant when its too wet or too cold, but when we have had a few good days its very difficult to resist popping in a seed or two.
How can we be a little more certain whether or not its ok to start sowing?

Well one sure test is the” baby water test”. Yes, place your elbow in the soil and if it’s too cold you will soon know it. Just like baby’s bath water your elbow makes a great tester to check if the soil is suitable or not. Your fingers and hands are just not suitable for either task.

So on your knees next spring and bare your elbows before you plant anything!

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