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Hi, I'm John Harrison and you can contact me by using the email address below but I get an awful lot of email, so before contacting me please read this first:

  • Articles for publication - I'm always interested in publishing quality articles relevant to the site.
  • If it is a growing or poultry question you will be far better off asking the question in these great Chat Forums where expert growers and poultry keepers abound! I regret that I can not always answer specific growing or poultry questions - they would be better asked in the forums. However, I may well use the diary to post an answer to an email question so as to help as many people as possible.
  • If you find an error on the site, I'm always pleased to hear from you. I try my best but nobody is perfect (except my wife)
  • If you are requesting a site link please look at the links pages and use the form available.
  • Queries regarding products in the allotment shop should normally be directed to the individual sponsor.
  • Poultry Listings and Information - please note I do not sell poultry myself. Use the breeder's lists to find a supplier local to you. If you have a dispute with a supplier, please note I can not become involved or comment.

OK, this is my email:

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