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Growing Landcress – How to Grow Landcress

How to Grow Landcress – A Brief Guide to Growing Landcress

How to Grow LandcressLandcress

Land cress is a fast-growing substitute for water cress, with a similar taste, smaller leaf and a long cropping period – over the winter if desired.

Recommended Varieties of Land Cress

  • Widely available, called “Land cress” or “American Land cress”

Pests and Problems affecting Land Cress

  • There are no significant pests or diseases.
  • Although it is classified as a brassica, it doesn’t succumb to clubroot etc.

Sowing & Growing Land Cress

  • For cropping during the summer, sow directly into the soil between March and August
  • Sow thinly, 1cm (1/2”) deep, in rows 15cm (6”) apart. Thin seedlings out to 10cm (4”) apart for baby leaves or to 30cm (12”) for full-sized plants
  • For overwintering crops, sow in August – September, in rows 30cm (12”) apart, and cover with a cloche for maximum protection during the winter months
  • The plant will tolerate shade and prefers fertile, cool, moist soil – do not allow to dry out and keep weed free

Harvesting, Eating & Storing

  • Approximate time from sowing to harvesting is 7-8 weeks
  • It has a peppery taste, like watercress
  • It is rich in vitamins, calcium and iron

Harvest baby leaves by picking a few leaves from each plant. To harvest mature plants, pull the whole plant up and trim the roots off.

Further Information on Landcress

Recipes Using Landcress

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