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Vegetable Seeds With RHS Award of Garden Merit - Sweetcorn

Straight from the plant, sweetcorn is one of the most delicious vegetables for the home grower. Sweetcorn used to be a difficult crop to grow away from the south of the country as it needed a long, warm growing season. However, the development of new varieties has changed that.

For advice on growing sweetcorn see our Grow Your Own Sweetcorn guide.

Sweetcorn Seeds

Sweetcorn Seeds with
Award of Garden Merit

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Quick Vegetable Selector (Varieties with the AGM)

Sweet Corn - Mirai White

Part of the James Wong Grow For Flavour Range. James says - ?Pure white form, with an almost pavlova-like creaminess and super sweet to boot? Has the superior ability to soldier on through cold, wet soils. Harvest August-September.

From Suttons Price: £2.49

Sweet Corn Seeds - Earlibird

10 times more sugary than conventional sweet corn, super early and hugely productive. Origin: USA. The earliest harvest supersweet variety. Guaranteed to spike your blood sugar and send your tastebuds racing. Harvest August-September. ?

From Suttons Price: £2.49

Sweet Corn Seeds - Earlibird F1

The earliest maturing 'Supersweet' variety (having 2-3 times the sugar level of ordinary varieties), producing superb quality, deliciously sweet cobs. Improved tolerance to cold soil aids germination.

From Dobies Price: £2.49

Sweet Corn Seeds - F1 Swift

An early maturing, extra tender sweet corn with a high sugar content that gives a deliciously sweet flavour. It has a dwarf habit and improved performance in cold soils. Eat raw or cooked. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. SUPERSWEET VARIETY - Has 2-3 times the sugar levels of ordinary sweet corns. Careful sowing in warm moist soil/seed compost is essential to ensure good germination.

From Suttons Price: £2.49


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