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We all love a bargain, it's human nature, but when you're buying seeds or plants cheap bargains can often prove to be a false economy.

When you consider the amount of time and effort we spend in growing anything from an Aubergine to a Tomato, buying the right seed is not a luxury.

Quality suppliers ensure you get good germination and the right variety gives you the best taste and overall result.

With permanent plantings like fruit bushes and nut trees where the plant may take years to actually begin production, it's well worth spending a few extra pounds to ensure success as well as a bit of effort in preparation before planting.

New Varieties or Heritage Seeds?

Every year the seed companies launch new varieties with a fanfare and the next they're nowhere to be found. Similarly people rave about heritage varieties that have been superceded by the new and their wonderful flavours lost.

The truth is some heritage varieties did have great flavour but others not so much, some were ideal for specific growing conditions perhaps in the south but not the north.

So my advice is to try the odd new variety, try some of the heritage varieties but for safety, try them alongside proven modern varieties. There is an easy way to tell if a variety is good for the average home gardener, look for the Award of Garden Merit from the RHS

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