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Vegetable Seeds With RHS Award of Garden Merit - Squash

There are so many squash varieties, some grow to the size of a small pumpkin and some are the size of cricket balls. Squash need a good summer to fruit well. Some of the new varieties have been bred for the British climate, so may be more successful than the old favourites.

For advice on growing squash see our Grow Your Own Squash guide.

Squash Seeds

Squash Seeds with
Award of Garden Merit

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Quick Vegetable Selector (Varieties with the AGM)

Crown Prince F1

Steel blue skin and bright orange flesh with a sweet nutty flavour, and averaging 3-4kg (6-9lb) in weight. The storage potential is excellent; it can be over 3 months if kept in a frost-free area with good ventilation. Trailing growth habit. Harvest September-October.

From Dobies Price: £2.79 More Information & To Buy

F1 Hunter

An early ripening butternut variety providing a very heavy crop throughout late summer and autumn. Fruit are a lovely buff colour, with fine-flavoured orange flesh, and store well. Average fruit weight 800g - 1Kg. Trailing type, but shorter than American bred varieties.

From Suttons Seeds Price: £3.99 More Information & To Buy

Hunter F1 Seeds

A high yielding butternut squash, giving you a good supply of delicious squashes throughout late summer and autumn, each one a lovely buff colour, with attractive, fine-flavoured orange flesh. Summer/storage variety.

From Dobies Price: £2.79 More Information & To Buy

Sunburst F1 Seeds

A compact squash producing a heavy crop of small yellow-skinned fruits with a distinctive 'nutty' taste. Cut the fruit at 3.5cm (1") diameter. Eat raw or lightly steamed.

From Dobies Price: £1.99 More Information & To Buy


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