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Vegetable Seeds - Asparagus

Asparagus is effectively a permanent crop, so keep that in mind when deciding where to put your asparagus bed. It can be grown from seed but will establish and crop faster from plants. For help and information on growing Asparagus see our Asparagus Growing Guide

Asparagus Seeds

Asparagus Seeds

To check just seeds with the RHS Award of Garden Merit: Asparagus Seeds With Award of Garden Merit

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Ariane F1 Seeds

This first-class asparagus produces tall, slender, high quality spears with tight green buds. Particularly delicious steamed, stir-fried or sauted and topped with butter.

From Dobies Price: £2.79 More Information & To Buy

Asparagus Pea

An easy to grow, unusual vegetable with a unique gourmet flavour. A hint of asparagus - perhaps? Goes with virtually any dish. Cook whole at 3cm (1in) long, preferably by steaming, and serve with a little melted butter. No flavouring should be used as this will destroy its own delicious taste. Asparagus Pea can also be used in the flower border as attractive ground cover.

From Thompson & Morgan Price: £2.99 More Information & To Buy

Asparagus Pea Seeds

The Asparagus Pea is an unusual low growing plant which produces attractive red flowers followed by angular pods which should be picked small - no longer then 3cm, harvesting is usually throughout August and September.

From SimplySeed Price: £1.25 More Information & To Buy

F1 Ariane

A first-class asparagus producing tall, slender, high quality spears with tight green buds. Spears ready to harvest in the first year.

From Suttons Seeds Price: £2.99 More Information & To Buy

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