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Access Exbury

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The Exbury is glazed with glass on all sides letting maximum light to your plants for healthy, even growth.
You can place it anywhere in your garden, with the glass sliding panels, on both front and back, giving you easy access to all your plants.

Architectural quality aluminium is used to make the frame of the greenhouse, this makes a very robust structure with a long life, Access guarantee the frame for 25 years.

This frame is available in either the plain aluminium or with a coloured coating either brown, green or white (although shelves will always remain plain aluminium)

This greenhouse is glazed with toughened safety glass, which is up to 10 times stronger than horticultural glass, if this glass gets broken it will shatter into small fragments (similar to if a car windscreen breaks)

Glass sliding panels on both the front and back of this mini greenhouse allow you to easily reach your plants and provide them with ventilation when required

Four extra deep seed tray shelves are included as standard with 3' 4" long model, eight are supplied with the 5' 0" and 6' 5" models, these clip into the frame of the mini greenhouse, with multiple holes in the frame allowing you to move the shelves higher or lower.

A glass middle shelf divides the upper and lower sections of the greenhouse. Made of glass it allows light to reach the plants below it. When you’re grower taller plants you can remove the glass shelf without affecting the strength of the structure.

Supplied with a built in watering system, simply connect up your mains water to the hose connector on the outside of the frame and you can provide your plants with a fine mist of water without having to open the glass.

Height: 6’0" (181cm) high at the back sloping to 5’5" (166cm) at the front.
Depth: 2’7" (77cm)
Available in three widths:
3’4" (100cm),
5’0" (151cm),
6’5" (194cm).

Available from Two Wests & Elliott click for more info, price & to buy

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