Access Classic Lean To Half Westminster

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Access Classic Lean To Half Westminster

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This compact Half Westminster lean-to greenhouse is just 1’1" deep, making it suitable for even the smallest of spaces. With a supremely strong aluminium frame and toughened glass glazing this Mini Lean-to is extremely high quality. It includes as standard two adjustable and removable shelves and has a built in watering system for easy watering.

25 year Guaranteed Frame - for a supremely strong, long lasting frame, it is made from architectural grade aluminium. This means that the sections are thicker than other frame manufacturers, giving much greater rigidity to the frame.

Frame Finish - you can choose from a plain aluminium finish or select a coloured frame in white, green or brown.

Glazed with Toughened Safety Glass- sides, roof and front are glazed with toughened glass manufactured to British Standard BS6206A. This toughened glass is ten times stronger than horticultural glass and if it does break, it breaks into small fragments rather than dangerous shards. Please note - glass is not included in either the base or back of this lean-to.

Shelves - two shelves are included as standard. These fit securely into the frame of the lean-to, multiple holes in the frame let you move the shelves up or down to suit yourself. When not required the shelves can be removed, or folded flat.

Siting -Designed to be secured against a wall or fence, -a wall is the best option as it will absorb heat during the day and give it off in the evening when temperatures fall, acting as a ‘storage heater’ for your plants.

1’1" (0.33m) deep,
3’0" (0.91m) high,

available in three lengths -
3’4" (1.00m) Long,
5’0" (1.51m) Long,
6’5" (1.94m) Long.


Available from Two Wests & Elliott click for more info, price & to buy

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