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Witkiem Manita Broad Bean Seeds


Witkiem Manita is renowned as one of the fastest maturing broad beans available. This super-early spring-sown bean not only boasts incredible taste but also reaches maturity around the same time as varieties sown in the autumn.

50 Seeds per packet 99p

Witkiem Manita seeds are normally sown in the spring between February and April. They are a quick to mature broad bean that has a plant size of around 45cm, producing 4-5 short, white beans per pod.

50 Seeds per Packet

Best sown direct in the early spring into reasonably fertile soil with a pH between 6.5 and 6.8. Sow about 50mm (2 ins) deep in staggered double rows spaced 25 cm (10 ins) apart with the seeds spaced at 20cm (8 ins) in the rows. Allow 60cm (24ins) between double rows.

Germination may be slow in cold weather, the optimum germination temperature is between 8ºC and 15ºC. Heavy rain can cause some germination failures and seeds can be eaten by pests. To cover any gaps start some off in pots or deep root trainers undercover, about a week or two after sowing direct. Any surplus plants can go in at the end of the row.

Once the pods begin to set, pinch out the tops to deter blackfly.

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