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Basil Classic Italian


My favourite variety of Basil – Classic Italian. Basil is suitable for both container growing and in the ground. This heavy cropper prefers a sunny position and well drained soil.

600 seeds per packet – 99p

The most popular basil on the market, Italian Classic is a large-leaved and reliable variety. Delicious in tomato-based recipes, especially pizza and pasta dishes.

Basil can be grown either on a sunny windowsill or, if sowing in Spring, directly into the soil.

If starting your seeds indoors then sow 8 weeks before the last frost of Spring. Germination within 7-10 days. You can transplant your basil once they have 2 sets of leaves. Give them 15 inches of space – they really are perfect for pot growing and growing in small spaces.

Basil loves warmer temperatures, especially full morning sun.

Height 35-40 cm.

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