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Fruit Growing Tips for College Students

Growing fruit trees, along with vegetable growing, whilst studying at college is one of the best ways to promote healthy and nutritious food ideals. Gardening as a student is a fun-filled activity that you can enjoy, and the health benefits you get are priceless. Not to mention the financial savings you can make by growing your own.

Working in your garden is a good way to overcome stress. You can harvest fresh herbs or healthy fruits for yourself or share them with friends. Growing fruit is a skill you can learn and can help you make some money too by selling your fresh produce.

Picking the best location to grow a fruit

Location is the first thing that you must consider before planting. This is the one thing you cannot ignore, as the growth of a fruit depends on where you plan to grow.

If you select a tree that does not match your location, all your hard work is wasted, and you’ll regret it later. You must research different plants that will suit your location – blackcurrant bushes for example thrive in full sun planted in well-drained, but moisture retentive soil.

Observing how much sunlight comes into your garden and then picking up a specific tree that you can grow is the best way to decide or begin planting.

Checking the space and yard or garden size

Knowing the size of your yard, garden, or allotment, whether small or big, will help you select an appropriate fruit bush or tree for growing. Be careful in choosing a fruit tree that will not take up all the space allotted for your other plants. Do careful research about the plants and the area allotted to make your personalised garden and then find the best fruit that can best thrive in your zone.

When the some tree roots spread, they can break a driveway or cause cracks in the pavement. To avoid this mistake, you must measure the fruit trees’ dimensions when they mature. It will help to avoid a situation when the tree roots take over and create hurdles in the foundation.

Test soil to determine the pH scale

Before planting, you must test the soil sample to determine the accurate value on the pH scale. You can cause harm to the tree if you do not know whether the soil is good for the growth of a particular fruit.

Fruit trees with different pH requirements can thrive only when planted in their favourable soil. So, you must test the soil using a personal home testing kit. Soil pH ranges from 1 to 14.  A pH of 1 on the scale is considered highly acidic, and the pH value of 14 is highly alkaline.

Soil with a pH scale value of 7 is neutral and has a balanced amount of hydrogen ions in the soil. Although there are ways to amend the soil with fertilizers and other soil additions such as lime, you can only effectively optimise it once you know the pH scale value.

As a student, if you are looking for how to grow fruits or how to start a fruit garden, you must have knowledge of the effective ways or tips for planting fruit trees. Beginners can take ideas from expert gardeners, books, and websites. However, when starting out it will take a considerable amount of your time, and your college assignments might experience delays. To overcome this issue, you can get in touch with Essays Edubirdie and hire an expert essay writer to assist you. Once you gain insights into how a fruit tree starts flourishing, you can grow more fresh fruits in your zone and slowly retake control of your academic writing work.

Effective ways to plant a tree – provide stake support and adequate water

To have the best results, you must carefully plant a fruit tree by making a proper hole in the soil that allows a tree to prosper. Planting is not just putting a plant or seed in a hole; you must properly adjust and make a deep hole without adding anything except soil.

You should not use additional fertilizers before the plant grows big, as a plant doesn’t need anything except water in the initial stage. You must take care of a plant in the growing stage. Once it grows big, proper staking is essential. When the trees are weak, a small wooden plank is used to support and strengthen their foundation. It gives strength to the roots and prevents the tree from falling over. Do not let the roots dry out while they are starting to expand.


Students can grow fruit trees in their zones and pursue gardening as a hobby. Planting a tree and taking care of its growth is like being a small child’s parent. You must do it with your whole heart and refresh your mind. It is a skilled activity that you can enjoy and even make extra earnings while you are studying.

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