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Vegetable Seeds With RHS Award of Garden Merit - Parsnip

Parsnip seed does not store beyond a year, so discard any seeds you don’t use after opening the packet. The flavour of parsnips is improved by a couple of good frosts towards the end of the growing period.

For advice on growing parsnips see our Grow Your Own Parsnips guide.

Parsnip Seeds

Parsnip Seeds with
Award of Garden Merit

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Quick Vegetable Selector (Varieties with the AGM)

Parsnip (Non Organic) Seeds - Albion F1

An improved, smooth-skinned hybrid, producing first-class crops of long, firm, tapering roots of excellent flavour and texture. Bred for resistance to the very latest strains of disease, including Canker. Row 7m (23'). Uniform, improved parsnip with increased sweetness. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Maturing time approximately 32-36 weeks from sowing.

From Dobies Price: £2.99

Parsnip Seeds - F1 Gladiator

The long tapering, wedge shaped roots with smooth white skin, have considerable canker resistance. Highly recommended for both the table and exhibition use. An essential part of your Sunday roast! RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Great beginner variety.

From Suttons Price: £2.79

Parsnip Seeds - Gladiator F1

Long tapering, wedge-shaped roots with smooth white skin. Good canker resistance. Ideal for both the table and exhibition use. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.What are F1 Hybrids?Seed can be either Open Pollinated or a F1 Hybrid. Open pollinated seed is naturally pollinated and genetically diverse. F1 hybrids are deliberately created by crossing two different parent varieties to produce a seed which has particular characteristics.Garden Organics Principles of Organic Gardening allow the use of F1 hybrids only when there are no other alternatives available to the grower. On these rare occasions, an organic F1 hybrid is preferred but, if unavailable, a non-organic F1 hybrid can be used.If youre growing to save seed, Garden Organic recommends choosing an Open Pollinated variety. F1 Hybrids are less likely to produce seed true to type or hold the same characteristics as the plant you saved it from.

From Dobies Price: £2.99

Parsnip Seeds - Picador F1

A vigorous hybrid parsnip, producing an enviable crop of long, tapering, smooth-skinned roots, with excellent resistance to canker. And the flavour? - outstanding! RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Maturing time from sowing seed 32-36 weeks.

From Dobies Price: £2.99


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