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Vegetable Seeds With RHS Award of Garden Merit - Onion Sets

Because they’re already on their way and have more stored energy than seeds, sets get growing faster, are more disease resistant than seed and are easier to handle. If you’re late sowing then sets can save the day and can go in as late as the end of April. For help in growing onions from sets check out our guide here: Grow Your Own Onions from Sets

Onion Sets Seeds

Onion Sets Seeds with
Award of Garden Merit

RHS Award of Garden Merit

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Onion Sets - F1 Centurion

Onion Sets - F1 CenturionRHS Award of Garden Merit winner.There is no doubt in our minds why the Onion Sets - F1 Centurion is a winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit. It is simply superb. Producing heavy crops that mature early, this first rate onion is very strong growing. The Onion Sets - F1 Centurion will fare well in the indifferent British summers and produce beautiful onions all the same. The even skin colour and uniform globe shaped bulbs create stunning onions, perfect as a show bench subject. Not to mention they taste absolutely great! Theyll certainly enhance any meal you add them to.

From Dobies Price: £4.99

Onion Sets - Red Baron

Glossy, deep red skins and a strong flavour make Red Baron a popular gardeners choice. Hardy when planted in early spring, Red Baron stores well.

From Dobies Price: £5.29

Onion Sets - Sturon

Onion Sets - SturonRHS Award of Garden Merit Winner!The Onion - Sturton is a well known onion variety, renowned for its flavour. The Sturton onion set produces round, straw coloured onions that are plump and medium in size. Perfect for any meal you wish to add them to. The onion - Sturton will keep well through the winter due to its thin neck, meaning it will remain in great condition right through until February/ March time. Being an RHS Award of Garden Merit Winner, the Onion set - Sturton is a true must have to grow in your garden or allotment.

From Dobies Price: £4.99

Onion Sets - Stuttgarter

Onion Sets - StuttgarterA great onion with a sweet, mild taste!The Onion Sets - Stuttgarter is a true favourite of the UK. Amazingly, this onion variety can be planted earlier than most other onion varieties meaning you can enjoy these magnificent onions early! The Onion Sets - Stuttgarter is renowned for its delicious sweet taste and not sharp like other onions. The mild taste of this onion makes it perfect for subtly enhancing any dish you add it to. The Onion Sets - Stuttgarter stores very well too.

From Dobies Price: £4.99


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