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Vegetable Seeds - Swede

Swede looks similar to turnip and is still known as ‘Swedish Turnip’ in America. It is a member of the brassica family so club root will be a problem if you have this on your plot. Swedes take 20-26 weeks to reach maturity.

For help in growing swedes check out our guide here: Grow Your Own Swedes, Swedish Turnip

Swede Seeds

Swede Seeds

To check just seeds with the RHS Award of Garden Merit: Swede Seeds With Award of Garden Merit

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RHS Award of Garden Merit


Swede Brora has attractive reddish-purple shiny skin and cream base, with fine grained, well-flavoured, creamy yellow flesh, free from any bitterness. Best harvested late autumn up to New Year. Excellent storage qualities. Prefers a rich, well manured soil.

From Thompson & Morgan Price: £2.69 More Information & To Buy

Invitation Seeds

Resistance to Clubroot and Powdery Mildew ensures Invitation will out-perform other susceptible varieties. Plus its high dry matter content gives it improved winter hardiness.

From Dobies Price: £1.99 More Information & To Buy

RHS Award of Garden Merit


Excellent coloured and shaped, purple topped roots with fine grained, good flavoured, yellow flesh, free from bitterness. Swede Magres is an excellent culinary swede, fully winter hardy, with mildew resistant foliage.

From Thompson & Morgan Price: £2.99 More Information & To Buy


British bred for hybrid vigour and uniformity, grows particularly well in less fertile soil making it the perfect choice for the home gardener. The globe-shaped roots have attractive purple shoulders, and tasty cream coloured flesh of a fine texture. This superb variety is ideal for a late autumn harvest.

From Thompson & Morgan Price: £2.99 More Information & To Buy


Swede Virtue was bred as a culinary swede for its attractive red skin and fine grained, sweet yellow flesh. Much improved in root quality and taste than older varieties. Fully winter hardy.

From Thompson & Morgan Price: £0.99 More Information & To Buy

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