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Vegetable Seeds - Spinach

True spinach is a bit more demanding to grow in its need for cooler weather than perpetual spinach but its taste is superior. The gardener can grow it as a main crop or pick it young for use as baby salad leaves.

For help in growing spinach check out our guide here: Grow Your Own Spinach

Spinach Seeds

Spinach Seeds

To check just seeds with the RHS Award of Garden Merit: Spinach Seeds With Award of Garden Merit

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Spinach (Malabar) Seeds - Red

An extraordinary climbing/trailing plant with attractive red tinged stems and foliage. Use the leaves fresh in salads - they have a succulent, crisp taste with hints of citrus and pepper - or cook them like traditional spinach. Ideal for patio container or garden as they only use a small footprint on ground, yet produce lots vertically. Compact habit.

From Dobies Price: £2.99

Spinach (Mustard) Seeds - Comred F1

The attractive and tasty red leaves can be used from baby leaf stage onwards. They're a good source of vitamins A & C, with a taste that is somewhere between mustard and brassica, with a hint of spinach!

From Dobies Price: £2.49

Spinach Seeds - Amazon F1

A fast-growing true type spinach with attractive round dark green foliage which is delicious as baby leaves. Ideal for spring and autumn growing. Recommended sowing times are March- mid April and August onwards. Mildew resisitant.

From Dobies Price: £2.49

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Spinach Seeds - F1 Amazon

A fast-growing true type spinach which has attractive round, dark green foliage which is delicious as baby leaves. Ideal for spring and autumn growing:?recommended sowing times are March to mid April and August. Mildew resistant. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

From Suttons Price: £1.99

Spinach Seeds - F1 Comred

More productive than regular spinach, this is a versatile salad must-have, perfect as baby leaves or as a mature vegetable. The attractive red leaves have a mild mustard tang and they are highly nutritious and full of iron.

From Suttons Price: £2.99

Spinach Seeds - F1 Rubino

A profusion of tasty, red-veined green leaves that can be picked from baby leaf stage through to mature plants. The fast-growing leaves are packed full of healthy antioxidants and fibre, and are ideal for salads or stir fries.

From Suttons Price: £2.99

Spinach Seeds - Gigante d'Inverno

Vigorous plants producing tasty leaves in autumn/winter. The cut-and-come-again leaves have a delicious sweet flavour picked fresh, and can be used as baby leaves or left to mature. Harvest April-September, Yr 2 April-June.

From Suttons Price: £0.99

Spinach Seeds - Koto F1

A sweet-tasting oriental type variety that is ideal for picking as baby leaves.

From Dobies Price: £2.79

Spinach Seeds - New Zealand

Ok, so this one?s not technically a spinach, but its thicker leaves mean you don?t have to pick as much to make a meal, and it?s still packed with goodness. Easy to grow, New Zealand Spinach is a bushy perennial that grows quickly, and it?s great as an edible ground cover plant. Harvest late June-early October. Height 20-30cm (8-12); spread 60-70cm (24-28).

From Suttons Price: £2.49

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Spinach Seeds - Perpetual Spinach

Excellent on dry soils where annual spinach would run to seed quickly. Hardy and useful for autumn and winter dishes. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Great beginner variety.

From Suttons Price: £1.99

Spinach Seeds - Rubino F1

An excellent round-leaved, mid-green variety with distinctive bright red stems and leaf veins, ideal for use as baby leaves, when the leaves have a buttery tenderness and a mild, sweet flavour. An ideal summer or winter variety, it is best suited to spring and autumn sowings. Its mildew resistant and frost tolerant!

From Dobies Price: £2.99

Tree Spinach Seeds

Tree Spinach Seeds Create beautiful eye-catching columns of height in your garden Tree spinach has eye-catching bright magenta with almost sparkly growing tips. Spinach plants can grow up to 2m tall, hence the name Tree spinach. This vigorous plant can be harvested as a cut and come again leaf from 25cm tall. Easy to grow, adds columns of height and colour to the veg garden. Producing large magenta spinach leaves, they are tastiest when they are young. Young leaves can be used fresh in salads and larger ones can be harvested and used like spinach. Spinach provides us with an essential source of vitamins and minerals that are key for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Plants are also related to quinoa, so when they flower and go to seed in August-October, the grains can be dried and saved for baking.

From Suttons Price: £2.99

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