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Vegetable Seeds - Melon

Ideally grow melons in the the greenhouse or cold frame, in a rich, well-drained soil. They prefer a high humidity. See our guide to growing melons

Melon Seeds

Melon Seeds

To check just seeds with the RHS Award of Garden Merit: Melon Seeds With Award of Garden Merit

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RHS Award of Garden Merit

Emir F1 Seeds

Smooth pale greenish yellow fruits about 11.5cm (4") in diameter, with firm salmon-pink flesh; aromatic and very sweet. More tolerant of low temperatures than most cantaloupe varieties so will bear fruit even in cool summers. For growing in frames, under cloches or fleece in the garden and recommended for northern districts.

From Dobies Price: £2.19 More Information & To Buy

Melon : Edonis F1 Hybrid

Melon Edonis is early to ripen and productive, which is an important factor for the UK summers. The pale orange fleshed fruits weigh in at about 750g. This fantastic flavoured fruit has a refreshing, delicate taste. Fusarium resistant.

From Thompson & Morgan Price: £1.29 More Information & To Buy

Melon Seeds Champagne

Melon Champagne is a productive variety of watermelon producing round fruits approx. 4 kg in weight. The outer rind is light green with dark green stripes

From SimplySeed Price: £1.49 More Information & To Buy

Melon Seeds Galia

Melon F1 Galia as the name suggests is a Galia type hybrid that produces very uniform, round fruit, with a small cavity and attractive netting.

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Melon Seeds Jade Lady

Melon Jade Lady is a honeydew F1 hybrid producing fruit weighing approximately 1.5- 2.5Kg. The rind is smooth and creamy-white in colour.

From SimplySeed Price: £1.49 More Information & To Buy

Watermelon Rosario F1 Seeds

This excellent early maturing watermelon produces 3-4kg (7-9 lb) dark green fruits with sweet, juicy, succulent, dark pinkish-red flesh. Tolerant to mildew, fusarium and anthracnose.

From Dobies Price: £2.49 More Information & To Buy

Watermelon Seeds Little Darling

For best results in the UK, we'd recommend Melon Little Darling is best grown in a greenhouse or polytunnel. The vines will produce compact watermelons with a red, juicy, very sweet flavour scoring 12 on the brix scale.

From SimplySeed Price: £1.79 More Information & To Buy

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