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Vegetable Seeds - Kohl Rabi

Kohlrabi originates in the middle east and came to Europe with Crusaders returning from the Holy Land. When we’ve been in French supermarkets we’ve seen Kohlrabi for sale but never in Britain. For help in growing kohlrabi check out our guide here: Grow Your Own Kohlrabi

Kohl Rabi Seeds

Kohl Rabi Seeds

To check just seeds with the RHS Award of Garden Merit: Kohl Rabi Seeds With Award of Garden Merit

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RHS Award of Garden Merit

Kohl Rabi : Kolibri F1 Hybrid

Attractive, purple-skinned roots with pure white, succulent flesh, best eaten when golf ball size, although the flesh still remains succulent and bitter free when roots are larger.

From Thompson & Morgan Price: £3.69 More Information & To Buy

Kohl Rabi Seeds Delicacy Purple

Kohl Rabi Delicacy Purple is an early maturing purple variety with round shaped stems and good quality, delicate flesh.

From SimplySeed Price: £1.15 More Information & To Buy

Kohl Rabi Seeds Delicacy White

Kohl Rabi Delicacy White is an early light green variety, suitable for year round outdoor production.

From SimplySeed Price: £1.15 More Information & To Buy

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Kolibri F1 Seeds

This superb kohl rabi will provide a good harvest of attractive, flavoursome purple bulbs. Plants hold well in the garden. In flavour, midway between cabbage and turnip, the edible portion is the swollen stem just above soil level. Best eaten at 'golf-ball' size.

From Dobies Price: £2.19 More Information & To Buy

Purple and White Mix Seeds

Enjoy the best of both white and purple kohl rabis to brighten up your cooking. The two varieties are high-yielding and delicious-tasting. Maturing time from sowing approximately 10-12 weeks.

From Dobies Price: £2.19 More Information & To Buy

Purple and White Vienna Mix

An attractive duo of white and purple varieties with spherical-shaped roots and good holding ability. Use raw in salads or as a cooked vegetable. Both are high-yielding and delicious-tasting.

From Suttons Seeds Price: £0.99 More Information & To Buy

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