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Vegetable Seeds - Cape Gooseberry

Cape Gooseberry Seeds

Cape Gooseberry Seeds

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Golden Berry Duo - Cape Gooseberry

One packet each of Little Lanterns and Pineapple.

From Thompson & Morgan Price: £4.49 More Information & To Buy

Golden Berry Little Lanterns - Cape Gooseberry

A more compact Cape Gooseberry suitable for containers on the patio, or for growing the greenhouse. Produces abundant 'Chinese Lanterns' with delicious small orange fruits.

From Thompson & Morgan Price: £0.99 More Information & To Buy

Golden Berry Pineapple - Cape Gooseberry

A dwarf Golden Berry with branching stems and a bushy habit. Best grown under glass, producing succulent pineapple flavoured fruits enclosed by a papery husk, looking like Chinese lanterns. Huge crop of fruits throughout late summer/autumn.

From Thompson & Morgan Price: £2.99 More Information & To Buy

Cape Gooseberry Seeds

Branching plants that can attain 180cm (6') in height, producing masses of fruits that are ready to harvest when calyces have changed from green to golden brown (if picked and left in husks they can be stored for months). The sweet fruits are delicious in jams, pies or eaten raw.

From Dobies Price: £1.99 More Information & To Buy

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