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Cape Gooseberry Seeds

Cape Gooseberry Seeds

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Remarkably easy to grow - just like tomatoes. You may well have seen this South American delicacy garnishing expensive dishes in posh restaurants, or in small, very pricey packets in supermarkets. If so you would be forgiven for thinking this glamorous fruit is far too high maintenance to grow on UK soil. Origin: South America. Latin name: Physalis peruviana. Delicious and ornamental. Individual berries wrapped in a Chinese lantern. The Incan delicacy that thrives on neglect, giving fresh berries right up until Christmas. Tastes like: Gooseberries, kiwi, pineapple, orange. Recognisable in patisseries or indeed many cocktails, these shiny golden berries, each wrapped in its own paper Chinese lantern, are one of the trendiest garnishes around. Also known as the Cape Gooseberry (although it originates from highland Peru), the golden berry, or simply by its genus name ?Physalis?, these sticky amber balls have a rich flavour of ripe gooseberries with a hint of tropical fruit, followed by a pleasant bitter sweet aftertaste. Sow: February-April. Harvest: August-October. ? ?

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