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Vegetable Seeds - Basil

Basil is quite easy to grow, it does well interplanted in a greenhouse border with the tomatoes. For advice see How to Grow Basil ? A Guide to Growing Basil

Basil Seeds

Basil Seeds

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Basil Seeds - Devotion

Basil Seeds - Devotion After a long wait, a downy mildew-resistant basil with large leaves has arrived and can be grown on your plot anytime soon! With the culmination of years worth of work at Rutgers University in New York, they have managed to breed a basil that is downy mildew resistant. Strong downy mildew resistance allows this basil to be grown anywhere, from pots and windowsills to greenhouse borders and patios. This is a huge step forward, as producing a Genovese type with a compact, but highly productive plant habit is hard to come by! On this variety, the leaves are large, cupped, and medium green and let off a sweet and spicy aroma. For home-cooking, Basil 'Devotion' is perfect for a summer salad, garnished in soups or infused into pasta and stir-fries. 45-50cm tall, 20-30cm wide.

From Suttons Price: £2.99

Basil Seeds - Everleaf Emerald Towers

Basil Seeds - Everleaf Emerald TowersPlants have longer harvest time... Hence the name Everleaf!Everleaf Emerald Towers flowers 10?12 weeks later than regular Genovese basil, meaning the plants have a longer harvest time, hence the name ?Everleaf?. This basil plant has short internodes that create a tight habit, making the plant very showy. Perfect for small space gardening, it has a very upright, column-like habit, ideal for beds, borders and containers.Harvesting from mid-June through to October, you?ll be rewarded with Genovese basil for months! Mix this delicious herb with tomatoes and mozzarella for a delightful caprese salad, perfect for a summer day. Height 81?90cm (32?35"); spread 21?30cm (8?12").It's the must-have addition to any home-grown herb garden!

From Dobies Price: £2.49

Basil Seeds - Gecofure

A compact form which is ideal for container growing and will produce a good supply of spicy, aromatic basil leaves. HHA - Half-hardy annual.

From Dobies Price: £1.99

Basil Seeds - Lettuce Leaf

Rob says: This basil has been around since the late 1800s. Its got the biggest leaf of any basil variety, 15cm (6) long on a 45cm (18) plant, theyre slightly frilly on the edges with a sweet and spicy flavour. The flowers are also edible, with a lovely flavour, and look great in salads. The leaves can be used to wrap chicken, fish or vegetables before you grill or BBQ them. And with the size of these leaves, you wont need many to make your own pesto

From Dobies Price: £2.50

Basil Seeds: Sweet

A spicy tasting herb, useful for green salads or flavouring egg, fish, meat or tomato dishes. Reputed to be a natural tranquilliser. HHA - Half hardy annual. Height 30-45cm (12-18).Toby's Tip: Basil will keep greenfly and other pests away from tomatoes and other crops in the greenhouse. Brush the leaves with your hand to release the smell and it's an instant insect repellant!.

From Dobies Price: £1.99

Herb Seed - Basil Bush

Annual with small clove-scented leaves. Useful in tomato, cheese and vegetable dishes, salads and pizzas.

From Suttons Price: £0.99

Herb Seed - Basil Summer Surprise

Deep purple leaves and stems make a colourful alternative to the common green basil in a wide range of dishes, including salads, pasta, pizza and tomato dishes. ? Can be grown as a microgreen on a windowsill - ready in just 21 days! Delicious in salads and pasta

From Suttons Price: £1.99

Herb Seed - Basil Sweet

Annual with larger leaves than Bush Basil. A widely used herb, especially in cooked tomato dishes.

From Suttons Price: £1.99

Herb Seeds - Basil Floral Spires White

Compact, bushy plants, with aromatic foliage and scented white flowers. Ideal for windowsill, border or container. ?

From Suttons Price: £2.79

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Herb Seeds - Basil Lime Mrs Burns

Lime scented green leaves that can be used in cooking, eaten raw or alternatively used to make a delicious herbal tea.

From Suttons Price: £1.99

Seeds for Pollinators - Basil Round Midnight

Attractive dark purple foliage on cascading plants, ideal for hanging baskets or other containers. Edible and ornamental too! ?

From Suttons Price: £2.99

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