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Vegetable Seeds - Aubergine

Aubergines are best grown as a greenhouse crop but can be grown outdoors in a sheltered spot in the warmer areas of the country - assuming the weather is kind. For advice on growing Aubergines, see Grow your Own Aubergines

Aubergine Seeds

Aubergine Seeds

To check just seeds with the RHS Award of Garden Merit: Aubergine Seeds With Award of Garden Merit

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Aubergine Seeds - Black Beauty

Black Beauty is an excellent quality aubergine producing sturdy plants and an abundant crop of large, tasty, purple-black, pear-shaped fruit. Height approximately 120cm (4').

From Suttons Price: £1.99

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Aubergine Seeds - Bonica F1

Large, shiny purple, oval aubergines are produced very early on plants of compact, bushy habit. The fruits 'set' well. High yield. Suitable for patio containers. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

From Dobies Price: £2.99

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Aubergine Seeds - F1 Galine

This superb, heavy-cropping variety will produce clusters of small, purple, egg-shaped fruit. The plants are extremely ornamental, and the fruit are very tasty! RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

From Suttons Price: £2.99

Aubergine Seeds - F1 Pinstripe

Ideal for pots or raised beds, this dwarf, compact aubergine produces an abundance of delicious purple, cream-striped fruit, each weighing 80-100g. Patio variety. A beautiful plant for the patio. The silvery-green foliage looks stunning when dripping with pale striped purple fruit. The aubergines are ideal to be picked small but equally can be left to mature as full size fruit.

From Suttons Price: £2.99

Aubergine Seeds - Ophelia F1

A compact aubergine that's ideal for container growing, bearing clusters of delicious, glossy, dark purple fruits throughout summer.

From Dobies Price: £2.49

Aubergine Seeds - Patio Mix

Exceptional early establishment and good vigour along with compact spineless attractive plants makes this an ideal garden variety. Suited to containers and open ground in a warm sunny location. Fruits can also be harvested small as a true baby vegetable. Contains: F1 Jackpot, F1 Amethyst, F1 Pinstripe, F1 Ivory. ?

From Suttons Price: £4.99

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