Hercules Timber Staging

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Hercules Timber Staging

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A heavy duty wooden greenhouse staging, this range of Hercules Timber Staging has been selected for its superior strength. It will provide you with a really strong wooden working or growing area in your greenhouse. Its' robust construction ensures you can enjoy using this timber staging in your greenhouse over a very long time without any maintenance. 

Maintenance Free - made from 100% tanalised timber which is virtually rot-proof. It will last for at least 15 years without extra preservative treatment.

Good air circulation, light and drainage - slatted surfaces allow sufficient light to all levels for healthy plant growth. Enabling air to circulate around your plants helps reduce damping off and disease.

Ideal working height - 30" (76cm) high, it's a similar height to a kitchen work surface so you won't strain your back as you work.

Easy assembly - supplied in pre-assembled sections for simple construction.

Versatile - Single or two tier versions available.

Select from two widths:
22" (56cm) or 30" (76cm) wide.

Select from two lengths:
47" (120cm) or 71" (180cm) long.


Available from Two Wests & Elliott click for more info, price & to buy

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