Commercial Bench - Two Tier

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Commercial Bench - Two Tier

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Suitable for larger greenhouses this Two Tier Commercial Benching will carry heavy loads such as cacti, propagators etc. and its very strong lower level provides ample storage and growing area.

Framework - 2" angle, T & Z shaped aluminium sections (all 1/8" thick). Double-bolted for added strength. It has a ¾" (2cm) deep perimeter lip so it is possible to cover the surface with pebbles or gravel.

Height - 30" (75cm) high - with the lower tier 12" (30.5cm) from the ground.

Legs - spaced at 4ft (120cm) intervals, braced at the top & lower levels for good stability.

Top Level - the benching is 30" (75cm) high.

Lower Level - positioned 12" (30cm) above the ground this level can be used for storage or for growing (although you may need to order a higher bench to allow more light to reach the lower level).

Topping - select either solid aluminium plate surfaces (1/16" thick) or 2¼" (6cm) aluminium slats.

Aluminium Plate - supported at 2ft (60cm) intervals by fixed front to back aluminium bracing plus removable centre cross bracing. Easily removed for cleaning. It won't rust or rot so capillary matting can be used to simplify watering.

Aluminium Slats - Six slats are provided for every 2ft (60cm) of benching. Using slats will optimise air circulation, good for plants such as Orchids, which require maximum air circulation around their roots.


Available from Two Wests & Elliott click for more info, price & to buy

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