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Greengages are a small, round, yellow-green and deliciously sweet type of plum.They were introduced into Britain from France by Sir William Gage in the 1720s. Greengages are also known as Reine Claudes from the name of the original French cultivar.

For advice on growing greengages see our Grow Your Own Greengages guide.


Gage Oullins Golden

Sweet and fruity Large, yellow fruit with dense, quite transparent flesh and the refined, fruity sweetness that you would expect from a gage. A little less juicy than other gages and plums, they are well suited for storage in the freezer or for bottling. The tree crops reliably from one year to the next, and the quality and versatility of the fruit make it an excellent choice for the garden fruit connoisseur. Supplied in a 9 litre pot bag.

Greengage Fruit

An original style greengage plum, with attractive yellow/green fruits of the sweetest of flavours. Trees crop regularly producing good sized fruit that is ready to harvest in August.

Reine Claude Doree

Deliciously sweet! A beautiful gage, the fruits are larger than typical green gages and ripen to golden green. The flesh has a honey sweetness that is best straight from the tree.

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