Cranberry Bushes

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Cranberry Bushes

Cranberries are a tasty and easy to grow tart fruit that add dimension to recipes as well as makes delicious juice. Dried, they are a nice healthy snack or delicious addition to salads.

Cranberries are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants earning them a place in the garden and daily health.

There's a guide to growing cranberries on the site here: Grow Your Own Cranberries


Red Star

Highly nutritious berries Attractive creeping, evergreen shrubs which are ideal for growing in patio containers or hanging baskets. The pretty, dark pink flowers in summer are followed by delicious berries that are initially white but turn a bright red when they ripen in early autumn. They're packed with vitamin C and antioxidants and have many proven health benefits. Supplied in a 2 litre pot.

Cranberry & Lingonberry Collection

These delightful bushes are ideal for growing in patio containers filled with ericaceous compost. Both Cranberries and Lingonberries may only produce small bright red fruits but they are packed with health benefits that are sure to make them the next super fruit!

Cranberry : Pilgrim

A low growing evergreen with small leathery leaves and a lax habit, making it ideal for creating a cascading effect in containers or hanging baskets. The tiny pink to red flowers are followed by juicy dark-red berries with a distinctive tart flavour, often still hanging on bushes throughout the winter.


Bushes become smothered in little pink flowers which are followed by juicy, dark red berries with a distinctive tart flavour. If left unpicked the berries often remain on the bushes throughout winter, set off against attractive bronze winter foliage. Ideal for adding to a variety of dishes as well as for making preserves and traditional cranberry sauce. 1 plant.

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