Jiffy Pots

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Jiffy Pots

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Jiffy Pots are economical, easy to use biodegradable pots. Ideal for starting off seeds, these soft walled peat pots allow the plants roots to naturally air prune when they grow through the walls of the pot. Being biodegrable you can plant the pot into your garden at the same time as your plant, so there’s no chance of root disturbance.

Biodegradable - Made from at least 50% sphagnum, together with recycled paper and basic nutrients to aid plant growth

Ready to use - The pots are pre formed ready for you to fill with compost and plant your seedlings in the usual way.

Design - Slots at the base of the pot allow the roots to spread out for healthy growth

Stronger, faster ..... - When ready to plant out the pot goes into the ground along with your plant, so your plants continue to grow undisturbed, helping to produce stronger, faster growth than you’d get when you transplant from a conventional pot into your garden.

By the end of the growing season the pot will have almost totally degraded and your plant will have had the benefit of the goodness from the pot.

Available in two sizes:
2½" diameter x 2¼" deep (6.5cm x 6cm)
3/4"diameter x 3" deep (8cm x 7.5cm).


Available from Two Wests & Elliott click for more info, price & to buy

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